What is it?

SocialErasmus (SE) offers opportunities for international students to get closer to the local community. They can engage in volunteer activities which aid individual community members or the local community in general.

Its mission is to involve international students into volunteering services and to create a positive social impact in the local communities.

ESN TTÜ  IC organizes regular SocialErasmus events, meetings and visits during the semester.

What does it do?

During the semester there are various types of events like Eramsus in School, visits to animal shelters, playdates with underprivileged kids to play and hang out. The project involves International Students to let them see also the other side of the Estonian life, not only partying. It's all about helping others and bringing a smile on their faces. It's about changing the world.

List of past events.

Our local SocialErasmus coordinator

Der Liang-Yung (derliangyung@gmail.com)

More information on the esn.org page.