So you're coming to Tallinn? That's great! But before you hop on a plane consider bringing the following things with you. We beleive this stuff will make your stay a lot more comfortable :)

Do not forget:

  1. Warm clothes (winter might a bit chilly here, like -30C... Not joking!)
  2. Passport sized photos for all the different kinds of cards (for example ESNcard)
  3. Something traditional from your home country (specific food, drinks, folk costumes etc. for International Dinner)
  4. Your personal medicaments
  5. Sleeping bag (travelling around Estonia)
  6. Swimming clothes (for "summertime" or pool party or sauna!)
  7. Camera, you will want to keep a lot of souvenirs in Estonia and nearby countries
  8. Unlocked phone, at your arrival we offer you a Estonian simcard, the best is then to have your phone able to use it