Incoming Exchange Students Office

  • Coordination of incoming student mobility (Erasmus, bilateral agreements, free-movers)
  • Placements for incoming students 
  • Exchange information materials and promotion


NB! Our working hours are at weekdays from 8:30-17:00. During the summer from 9:00-16:00. Ecxhange of information is via e-mails. For example, when you write to us on Saturday morning, then the earlisest time to get the answer is on Monday. Please check your mails!

People you may always find help from

Mrs. Kerti Sönmez, Incoming Exchange Students Manager

  • Coordination of incoming student mobility
  • Responsible for leaving exchange students
  • Temporary Residence Permit and Visa issues for third countries students
  • Alumni of exchange students
  • Feedback questionnaires

Phone: +372 620 3517

Address of TUT Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs
Tallinn University of Technology
Room II-201
Ehitajate tee 5
19086 Tallinn

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