• What does ESN TUT IC mean?

ESN TUT IC is a club composed by friendly and helpfull local and international students that is aimed to accomodate foreginer students to the Estonian lifestyle. Its members are called buddies and are generaly the first contact person to whoever decided to come to study to Tallinn University of Technology. These members organise cultural event, trips in Estonia and parties during the semester.

  • What is the ESN Card and where can I buy it?

The ESNcard is a great ooportunity to get discount and special offers in many places accros Europe. Find more information on the ESNcard page.

  • I am not a student. Can I buy the ESN Card?

Unfortunately not. We give the ESN card only to students from TUT (incoming Eramsus and degree students).

  • Can ESN TUT IC help me to find an accommodation?

Finding accomodation is the exclusive student duty. ESNers may give advices but won't find it for you. We have a page dedicated to dorms, hostels and flats. Please have a look at it: accomodation in Tallinn.

  • How can I contact ESN TUT IC?

Please go to our contact page.

  • Are parties and activities of ESN TUT IC only for students and/or Internationals?

Our events are open to exchange (e.i. Erasmus) and International Students. We warmly welcome local students at our largest events (Estonina Evening, Internation Dinner) to enjoy  internation atmosphere!

  • Is there a minimum age for attending ESN TUT IC parties?

  • Do I need to register to attend a event by ESN TUT IC?

Our events can be open or have a limited amount of places (accomodation, bus, management...) so check it before hands. However it is highly recommanded to register to parties as we generally have a discount price during the previous days (and normal price at the door). Trips always need registration, then we contact the lucky one that were the quickest to arrange day and place to pay for their place.

  • Does ESN TUT IC offer guided trips around Estonia?

We have several trip outside Tallinn through the semester. Our most famous are the South Estonia Trip and the Survival trip that will show you the Estonian countryside and gorgeous landscapes! Check out our event list regularly to not miss them!

  • I want to become a member of ESN TUT IC. What do I have to do?

We are happy to see new faces in among our members, if you want to to attend one of our meeting, or met one of our member to have more information contact us at esn.tut.ic@tipikas.ee.

  • How can I move in Tallinn?

There are many ways to drive in Tallinn, from the free transportation system to taxi. Please read the dedicated section: moving around in Tallinn or look at the interactive city map.