Attention ! Attention! Our basement will be under attack ! 

We are looking for volunteers, which they are able pick up a weapon and protect our basement against enemies. 

We've got info from our spies about enemy army. They are equipped by laser guns and they built their basement close to us. 

Join us in this battle and defend our basement. Together we can overcome the enemy and prepare counterattack.

They wanna attack to our basement:
Megazone Seikluskeskus
Tartu mnt 80B, Tallinn

Date: Thursday 27th October 

Time: 18:00

We've got prepared ammunition and laser guns for you. I suggest you take a black or dark clothes (enemy will have problem with recognizing us in the dark and we can suprise them). 

After that battle we could explore wild environment close our basement or try modern segway vehicles for fast transportation our troops. 
Repeat Report !
WHAT: Laser Game - Protect our basement !
WHERE: Megazone Seikluskeskus, Tartu mnt 80B, Tallinn
WHEN: 18:00 at 27th October (Thursday)
PRICE: 15 with ESN card, 17 without ESN card.
What included: 1 lasergame (20 min) + adventure park + segway

How to attend in this event: office hours will be announced soon, first come first serve

Max: 25 ppl.

Best Regards,

27/10/2016 - 18:00
Megazone Seikluskeskus Tartu mnt 80B, 10112 Tallinn, Estonia