Did I get your attention? Great! I will keep it short
Beer + ping pong balls = beer pong
Win = prize
Basically that’s it.


Tournament format:
There will be 12 teams of 2, they will be divided into 4 groups. All the rules of the game will be announced at the spot. Each team plays 2 games in the group stage. Top 1 teams from the each group continue in the quarter-finals. Then the game continues until the crash of the last team and the winner not only will have the glory from the victory but also a secret prize that should not disappoint.

What you need to do:
1) Find a mate
2) Come up with a name
3) Keep an eye for office hours in FB group or the event
4) Register your team, pay participation fee
5) Be awesome

Participation fee 14 EU/team with ESN card and 18 EU/team without ESN card (please, at least try to bring exact money).

27/02/2016 - 19:00
Meeting Point: 
Akadeemia tee 24,
12611 Tallinn 37