Visa-Free St.Petersburg Tour for ESN TUT

Go to Russia VISA-FREE and visit marvellous St Petersburg, one of the must-see cities of Europe! The bus tour around the city, as well as visit and guiding in the Hermitage museum are included! With optional extras ranging from traditional Russia Dinner and Folk to nigh Limousine ride and clubbing, you know you’re in for a good time. We travel to St.Petersburg with big cruise boat that has bars, restaurants, shops and even a night club! 
Departure: 19-24 April 2017
Price: 205 Eur (with ESNcard); 210 Eur (without ESNcard)

your coming) *please make online booking before coming to pay in cash! 
• All ferry tickets (Tallinn-Helsinki-St.Petersburg-Tallinn-)
• Visa-Free Russia entrance fee (25 Eur)
• 5 nights’ accommodation in shared rooms/cabins, bedlinen included (2 nights in B- or C-class cabins on overnight ferries; 3 nights in the hostel).
• Transport to and from the ferry terminal in St Petersburg
• Guided bus tour in St Petersburg (museum fees not included, entrance is optional)
• Guided tour in the Hermitage Museum 
• Service from a Scanbalt tour manager and local guides
• Visit St Petersburg - one of the world’s top destinations!
• Spend 2 crazy night partying on big crise boat
• Travel together with your friends and other exchange student

Additional information you can find by the link below:

19/04/2017 to 24/04/2017
205 Eur (with ESNcard); 210 Eur (without ESNcard)