Did you know that Tallinn and Lübeck are competing in terms of who was the real and first creator of this well known sweet "Marzipan". Did you know that our old town hides a small but cute marzipan museum where you can hear some legends, history, see an exhibition of marzipan statues and the most important- you can model and paint your own small edible sculpture and later offer this as a present to your loved one or eat it yourself. 

The price all together (guided tour in the museum, materials for the sculpture and assistance from the personnel) is €5 each
Min number of ppl 10
Max number of ppl 30

NB!!! Registration and Payment during the office hours // First come, First serve

Time 16:30 (gathering at the town hall square 15min before, so at 16;15)
It takes approximately 1h max until 18:00. 

Take your best mood, skills and friends with you and create something with your own hands.

16/02/2017 - 16:15