ESNcard is a membership card of the Erasmus Student Network. It is a proof of membership in an ESN section and so indirectly of the ESN Network.

The ESNcard is also used as a discount card in many cities and countries around Europe.

The ESNcard is valid for 12 months and only valid with a photo and correct personal data. The card is strictly personal and cannot be used by somebody else than the card holder.

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What advantages can I get with the ESNcard in Tallinn?

  1. You can get discounts on most of ESN TUT IC and  ESN Tallinn events
  2. You can get discounts from various companies and services
  3. You can use ESNCard in other European countries
  4. You can use ESNCard also in Tartu (the second biggest city in Estonia)
  5. You need it for SEABATTLE ;)

Where do they accept the ESNcard?

ESNcard is accepted in many places all across Europe.  Partners in Tallinn you can find on ESN Tallinn page and in Tartu on ESN Tartu page.

How to get your ESNcard?

Come to our office (room I-225 in TUT) during Office Hours. Card costs 10 euros (cash ONLY!). Don't forget to take a passport sized photo with you (maximum 25x30mm).