Why should you get a buddy?

You are coming to Tallinn for the first time and wondering how to find your way around Tallinn after stepping off the airplane? Or how to tackle the administrative issues? Or where to go out?

Don't worry about it ;) ESN TUT IC will help you! That's why we have set up a buddy-system!

What my buddy can do for me?

Since our buddies are volunteers and friendly do not hesitate to ask them before and after your arrival.

  • He or she will be your first contact and friend in Tallinn
  • Buddy will help you to prepare your arriva in Estonia
  • Inform you how to get to the city from the airport, bus station, port
  • Explains the local transportation (it is free, but needs some paper work)
  • Advices you about accomodation (but buddies do not find accomation for any students!)
  • Takes part of the Orientation Days at the begining of the semester
  • Gives you basic orientation information about Tallinn
  • Explains how to register courses in Tallinn University of Technology
  • Shows you the nearest shopping and grocery store

Buddies are nice people, sometime possibily shy. Do not feel forcing them, they will not be mean at you and will be glad to help you. They usually have a good Enlgish level even though - like you - it is not their mother-tongue.

You do not automatically get a buddy when entiring TUT since we have more and more students every semesters. We propose our help to students that want, and it is pretty successfull! After being accepted to TUT for your exchange you'll receive an email from the Office of Academic Affairs with a link to the registration form.

After submitting the application be patiente. Your buddy/tutor will contact you in January or August. Do not stress before that and enjoy your summer!

Keep in touch with your buddy during the semester. Even if though you will have tons of fun with other international students, your buddy represents your best way to get to know Estonian culture and know locals people and hidden place in the city. Buddies like to travel, you will certainly have the chance to meet yours someday later in your home-town!

Short way

  • You get a buddy if you register for it after TTU's enrollment
  • Your buddy is the first to contact you, don't panic
  • Give him/her your arrival date and place as well accomodation place
  • Save his/her phone number
  • Don't be shy to ask your buddy questions
  • Stay in touch with your buddy


In case of important question that cannot wait, you can write to our semester's Facebook page or contact the Office of Academic Affairs of Tallinn University of Technology.

Meet the people of ESN TUT IC

Are you wondering how are the people that will make you life crazy and unforgatable in Tallinn? Watch these videos!