International students in TTÜ

Every year TTÜ receives more and more international students, about 600 are expected to arrive for the Autumn semester 2015. Some of them come for a semester or two with the Erasmus project, others do their full degree.

ESN TTÜ International Club’s (IC) mission is to integrate incoming foreign students into TTÜ and the Estonian lifestyle. We do this with the buddy system (how to get your buddy?) and with programing many unique activities for them. IC helps all international students that register for a buddy and will keep entertainned everybody who shows up at our events!

What do buddies do?

As a buddy your task will be to get in contact with your students before they come to Estonia and meet up after arrival. In the following weeks we help our new friends out with everyday issues like nearest shops, transportation system etc. It's really quite simple :)

Have you thought about living or studying abroad yourself? Wouldn’t it be awesome if a local student would help you to get started... In addition, we organize many events during the semester to make our time in TTÜ the BEST ever!

As a Buddy you need to

  • have foreign students
  • help out on Orientation Days (usually 2-3 days before the start of semester)
  • help with Estonian evening (held during Orientation Days)
  • attend newbie tutorial for new buddies

Want to give more? Become an ESNer!

As an ESNer you need to:

  • attend at least 5 meeting during semester
  • Help at one of the main events such as Estonian Evening or International Dinner
  • help organize events

Why should I become a Buddy?

Being a buddy to foreign students has its own benefits! 

  • You will meet a lot of interesting people who will enrich your life 
  • You can practice a foreign language with native speakers
  • You will get experience in teamwork 

Buddies’ perks:

  • You can attend a Meet you buddy pizza party with your students to get a free pizza
  • You can get in touch with ESN
  • You can get a discount for buying ESNcard
  • Get free entry to Estonian evening if you help with organizing

ESNers’ perks:

  • You can declare tutoring as a subject
  • Motivational events will be organized for you
  • You get free entry to events you help organize
  • You can get a discount for buying ESNcard
  • You can order ESN gadgets
  • You can attend workshops and trainings organized by ESN international

JOIN US! (registrations for being a buddy for the spring 2017 semester are open)