Football tournament autumn 2014

A little summary of ESN TALLINN and ESN TUT IC Football Tournament,

On the 21th of September ESN TALLINN and ESN TUT IC organized another ESN Football tournament at 32. Highschoo l Stadium. The weather was nice, the music was upbeat, even so upbeat that the old administration lady wanted to cry for lord! Our organizers team was however nice to her and we managed to get this football fiesta started. Since we had so many teams - 16 - the tournament had 4 groups with 4 teams and only 1 could pass.

Brazilian at the tournament

Bringing some love on the fields!

One can be sure that if we told the rules emotions mixed with endless gesticulating ! Why only one team can pass?  Since we had cold hearts we could not argue with protesters, so the rules stayed the same. Players started to warm up. Many of them drank a lot of free water. From the 160 players, 85 were with hangover according to the Estonian statistics bureau EMOR. Before the tournament, ESN team was among the favourites since they had never drunk alcohol and also FC Inglorious (not bastards, for crying out loud) who arrived late but stylish. All of those participants were having cigarettes on their hand. Even if the old lady told that it is not allowed to smoke on the field, we let them, because we are YOLO generation and they looked like James Bond.

Football tournament

Our lovely referee was Tauri, an Estonian strong willed man, who never takes no bullshit. He had whistled both - Champions League and Europa League finals – before. Group stages went with a lot of emotions, few injuries, good music, great goals and no offsides! After ESN team got their first loss against Latin Taste, they decided to bribe the referee with Big Mac. So the referee made a pause and another nice gentleman took over. Even though he did not have papers and licence he surely looked like a referee (some unofficial channels say that he also has whistled Champions League final before). When looking at the group stage, it looked that Latin Taste, Spanish Corner, Relaxing Cup of Cofe con leche and EBS clearly had steroids or did not drink two days straight before the tournament, so they passed to the semifinals! ESN got their first victory against stylish Inglorious after their star player - Mert - finally arrived. Mert came straight from Barcelona - Galatasaray game. ESN could not win any other games, because they needed to reserve their energy for cleaning and asking the old lady to give additional hours for the tournament and for cleaning the stadium from banana clips and bottles!

Lot of people came to this first sport event of the semester

Semi finals were on fire, with a lot of emotions, yelling! The referee was the last guy to go to lonely island with. From that Latin Taste and Spanish Corner passed. In the 3rd place came EBS won with penalties but Relaxing Cup of cofe con leche stayed still kind of relaxed. EBS took the medals and all the nice girls from the Old Town bars. The final was broadcasted only in Spanish so many people did not know what was going on. There were even fans with “GO SPAIN” shirt. At some point the final got very crazy. At 1-0 Latin Taste leading,  Spanish Corne's  defender tackled Latin's Marquez very harshly and! AND?! Fight broke out. 25 people screaming, yelling, referee whistling, even Messi ran on the field! There was a lot of arguing, referee was thinking WTF?! The majority was thinking WTF? But nice Spanish girls were able to calm senjores down, for gift they received friendly red cards and the game continued. ESN promised to organize soon a boxing tournament. Everyone agreed.

After match

Some action

Soon Spanish corner scored the equalizer and then all the members from Latin Taste attacked the referee as he was red flag and they the bulls. Referee was cold as ice and did not care. Finally the game ended with penalties. Spanish Corner won showing that the last Copa del Mundo did not count.  Reward ceremony was held in Spanish and broadcasted all over the world, while in Madrid the local people were celebrating. One Spanish Corner member protested to the UEFA saying that the champagne tasted like shit. Currently UEFA is having an internal investigation to find out the reasons and people responsible. The winning team went for a celebration parade, while Latin team did not mind, ´cause they were good dancers and could get nice local girls with nice moves. ESN was so happy that they cleaned the stadium twice, beccause they had no social life anyway.

Spanish team

Bastion Passages and Oleviste Church


The visit of Bastion and Church went quite good although the numbers of people were less as compare to expectation, but those who were there; they appreciated and enjoyed this visit.

The bastion passages were interesting to see as the tunnels are kept well after the centuries have been passed. However, for the church tower everyone got tired as we reached to the top, there are 258 steps that we have to conquer to see the awesome view from the tower as shown in some pictures and everyone pleased to have different views from top that are worth to capture.

Few students but the visit was nice and informative, nobody got lost :)

View on the Tallinn's old town is incredible!

On Saint Olaf church

Bastion passages

Survival trip autumn 2014

Hello rabbits!

Last 13 September 2014, 35 students and 3 ESN TUT IC members met in the Tallinn harbor for unforgettable experience. After boarding the ship and wild two hours sail to the Naissaar Island we finally reached our destination for following two days.

Ready for adventure!

Chilling on the boat

We loaded our self to the military trucks and head to the house. After everybody got accommodated and had soup we played few games to get to know each other. At the beginning of the trip we divided our students to four groups so they were also competing. Games took place on different spots. House forest also beach. When the time was right we went for the ride around the island in the trucks and visited two old abandoned military silos and base. Everybody was so hungry so when we returned everybody was really happy that dinner was waiting for us. Can’t forget also for very important treasure hunt in which all teams found their treasures. After dinner and all the activities only thing what was ahead of us was relax sauna and party.

Stating exploring the island

We all started at the beach, after we moved back to the house with great mood people were going to the sauna and back. Weather was beautiful. Following morning when everybody got up and was ready the most important part of the competition was happening. The Photo Hunt. All groups I must say were very creative in many different ways. But only one could win. Team Robinson Crusoe was graded as the most creative team according to the photos and they also won the competition after all. Last two hours we spend on the beach after having soup and for many of us it was the last time in the Baltic Sea this year.

One will enjoy Estonian wildstyle even more after this trip


After that it was time to pack up and say goodbye to the island. On our way back to Tallinn we had no clouds in the sky. Most of the students were sleeping but few enjoyed the last moments of the trip until we arrived back to the harbor where all of this started.

Do not be scared!