International Dinner II autumn 2014


Hello the sweetest bunnies,

Hope that you heard the news that on November, 25 we had International Dinner II and it was truly amazing!

Being in Tallinn you had an opportunity to travel around the world – taste a lot of national food, get to know some useful insights from Georgia, get familiar with oriental cultures of Bangladesh and Pakistan, take part in the Czech beer drinking game, listen to Hungarian music, and of course try to solve a mystery of the Russian soul!

A lot of nice people, a lot of food, a lot of dances and performances, a great host from ESN Slovakia - Jakub, a wild after-party and marvelous atmosphere.

It was one of the greatest evenings!

Once again we had a lot of visitors!

Team from Bengladesh


Students attend the last International Dinner of the semester

Trying 10 types of cuisine doesn't happen every day

Who think this event is awesome?

Event's backstages

Georgian people are regular participants

Students at the dinner

Czechs know how to satisfy a lot of people in a little of time :)

ESN TUT IC 11th Birthday!


Eleven years ago the International Club of TTU was founded. Since then the club has never ceased to grow, its family became bigger and bigger and has succesfully helped more than 2500 foreign students! We are considered to be one of the most active section of the network and it is thanks to all of you, students and tutors who gave us energy and motivation!

We really hope you have kept good memories of your life in Estonia!

We will work harder to make the next semesters better than ever!

International family

ESN TUT IC members (part of them)

Previous event manager surrounded with two charming members

Members are known to be friendly!

Somebody's happy about cakes!


More members

Champagne bottles made and offered by Jakub (ESN Slovakia vice-president)

International Dinner I autumn 2014


Hello rabbits!

Within the celebrations held in all Europe for the 25th anniversary of the ESN network, our section ESN TUT IC has planned a big International Party!

Last evening in the TUT’s international students were introduced to the traditional food of their school-mates and got an unique and awesome entertainment!

Lot of dances, funny presentations and very tasty food! The evening has even culminated with a big international party!

The most important event of the semester, maybe we should get a bigger hall next time :)

Indian family

Russian performance for this special edition

Evereybody loves France, some more than others ;)

Erasmus student and an ESN buddy

Nigerian students

Chinese table

Spanish table

Italian team!

Nigerian on Tipikas TV!