Words of exchanges: Petra

Petra, Zábřeh (Czech Republic) - Erasmus in Spring 2012

What do you study?

I already graduated. I am master of law.

Why did you choose Tallinn?

I have never been there. It is not a typical summer holiday destination destroyed by many tourists. I wanted to go to some Scandinavian country but my university did not have a contract with them. Tallinn was the closest place. At the end after I've visited Scandinavian countries I was glad that I came for my Erasmus exactly to Tallinn.

What was your favourite event or trip?

I have to say that ESN in Tallinn made a really great job. When I was talking with my friends from Erasmus in other countries they did not have as much trips and events as we had. I appreciate this hard job. I actually visited many places thanks to ESN and met new friends. South Estonia was legendary, the first trip we had. Interesting parliament visit, opera and theatre, climbing centre, International Dinner were greatly organised... seriously do I have to choose only one? :)

What was your most memorable souvenir during that semester?

All Erasmus in Tallinn. It is not possible to choose only one thing here again. My roommate was the best I can had and all people I had chance to know there became my friends. We are still in contact. So ok, I choose as my best souvenir my Erasmus friends.

Where are you today? What do you do?

After semester in Estonia I came back to my hometown and continue my university. I have to say that Erasmus have opened my eyes in the way that the world is not as big as it looks like. I orientated my studing programme to a more European and International way. I was participated in many other international project connected with EU, volunteering, especially thoose connected with law.

My plans for future are flexible. If there will be an oportunity to work abroad I will use it. I applied for an LL.M studies abroad (in Hungary). And maybe I would like to continue Ph.D. studies. Now I am searching for a job in Czech as well.

What Erasmus brought you?

Before my Erasmus someone at my university told me "Why you go there? You will have to do all compulsory subject in our university because obviously you cannot study Czech criminal law in Estonia". And he said Erasmus is only about drinking and having sex. I strongly disagree, Erasmus is how you make it.

I studied European and International Law and at my university it was recognized as equal to our compulsory subjects. I went to gym almost every day because I am sport addicted. I traveled a lot (visiting 8 new countries during my Erasmus). Had so much fun with friends. Of course we went to parties. The truth is my Erasmus was like the perfect holiday.

Definitely I see myself differently. I am more independent, flexible, openminded. I don't see a problem in small things. I am more tolerant than I used to be. Arguing about the little things is a waste of time. During Erasmus we have traveled a lot and it tought me how to pack quickly and efficiently :-D

And finally I have a friends all over the world. I noticed that world is not that big how it looks like. 

Would you do it again?

It was perfect, no regret... whole life memories !

Do you have something more to say?

If somebody as I have doubts before go to Erasmus... don't worry, you will see that Tallinn is a great choice !!!

Meet your buddy

With a successfull previous experience ESN TUT IC decided to organise a second special evening on the campus where all students who wanted could meet and talk to their buddy and other students.

Once again the event was taking place in Pööning who generously offered tasty pizza to groups.

A lot of people came but everybody managed to find a place, around a table, on a couch or by the pool table. After the pizza eaten, we all could enjoy fellow's karaoke performance for the rest of the night!

First time chilling in Pööning

Delicious pizza!

Meeting new people

International event

Breaking the ice with established games!

Pööning has a nice atmosphere

Karaoke made people go crazy!

If you don't have singing skills, show your other talent :)

Enjoying the evening

Estonian Evening spring 2015

How can a semester in Tallinn start better than this?

As traditionally we have prepared a special night for all our new foreign students who chose Estonian over trendy Scandinavian or warm Latin countries! We had to prove them they did make the right choice to come to here!

We had a sucessful and enjoyable night with funny games, tasty food and never ending dances led by the University's folk dance club. Everybody have taken part to the move and by the end a long Erasmus chain was formed! 

This time new student could answer general and cultural questions about Estonia to get prizes, or compete in our legendary rope-pulling challenge in team.

After this long warm up during which people could meet and make friends, we let them dacing on good vibes in the Student House until the end.

Kate giving access of the Student House to the students

Showing the moves to students before inviting them to dance

Seems like guys are enjoying their first party in Tallinn

Right after having finish a long group dance

Erasmus: connecting people

Girls ready to show muscles

Guys actually showing them!

Not actually a dance, but couple need to be formed!

Students and buddies

Trying to be spontanious

Estonian alcohol shot