Roxana from Pitesti (Romania) - Erasmus in Autumn 2014

Why did you choose Tallinn?

I chose Tallinn mostly because of the TUT’s website. It seemed the most complete and Erasmus friendly from all, so this little country became my first option. Yes, just because of the website! Later on, I saw different pictures of the place and I became even happier about my choice. Luckily, I got accepted!

What was your favourite event/trip?

My favourite events were the ones in which I was able to visit new places: the bog trip, the Riga and Vilnius Trips and the Saint Petersburg cruise. One of the most amazing things about Tallinn is that it is situated near lots of different countries, making it easier for you to travel around. I also got the chance to visit Stockholm and Oslo with my friends in short trips organized by us.

What was your most memorable souvenir during this semester?

The most memorable souvenir is the whole Erasmus experience itself. It opened my eyes in many ways: it gave me more appetite for travelling and meeting other cultures, it showed me that you can actually accomplish your dreams if you have faith and you work for them.

Where are you today?

From a professional perspective, I have graduated university. Now I am taking a master degree programme in Business Administration back in Bucharest and I am also having a job.

From a personal perspective, I am working towards developing myself in every way, in meeting and understanding the people around me and reaching for my goals. Regarding the friends I made during my time in Tallinn, I still keep in touch with most of them, hoping that I will get to see them soon.

What Erasmus brought you?

Erasmus brought me lots of friends, laughs, fun times, trips, cosy tea evenings and life lessons: it was a complete and unforgettable experience. And now, due to my times in the Academic Hostel and due to all the dinners organized there, my cooking skills are definitely better :)

Would you do it again?

Of course, yes! I think Tallinn is a perfect city for an Erasmus experience! If anybody is having second thoughts about coming here or is waiting for a sign, this is it! :) Having the Erasmus in Tallinn is like winning at the scholarships’ lottery!

Something else to say?

For all my Erasmus friends reading this: I miss you and I am waiting for our big reunion! :)

For all the future Erasmus: you have no idea how lucky you are ^^! Enjoy!