David, Madrid (Spain) - Erasmus in Spring 2013

What is your field of study?

Industrial Engineering.

Why did you choose Tallinn?

It was my first option. I did not think about Estonia before the moment when I was picking my possible exchange universities. Honestly I hadn't too many english option to do my Erasmus, so I chose Tallin as it is one of the most different citiy and farthest one if I compare it to Madrid. I asked about how was Tallinn, and I just got great answers and everyone who was there advice me to take it. After chosen it I asked to one guy who was there the previous semester. Also, before going there I had the support of my crazy ESN buddy who answered my questions via email. 

After it, I just can say... they were right! 

What was your favourite event or trip?

Every trip that they organise is pretty good, but events as International Dinner can be my favorite. You can taste food from different places around the world, meet more people and have fun with food and drinks! What more can you ask!? I went to three International Dinners. The first one as a participant to represent Spain, it was awesome and funny... Dont know exactly how many kilos of Tortilla de patatas we made and how many litters of Sangria we prepared... Next international dinner I just went to enjoy the food of the other countries, was fun but not as the first one... And in the second semester I helped with the organization of the event. It was so cool to be involved in it, and be part of the team in the pre-event and durging the event being the clowns of the event! 

What was your most memorable souvenir during that semester?

The best souvenir is the estonian flag that my Erasmus friends signed and gave me for my birthday. It is a awesome!

Where are you today? What do you do?

Today... Now... I am in Madrid, again at home, but I really would like to keep my abroad experiences on. During this year I was making an intership (im still with it), I was studying the last subject of my career and final thesis, and i joined the ESN section from my university, ESN UC3M. After this year, I have no doubts to continue one more year in ESN UC3M as active member!

What Erasmus brought you?

It brought me one of my best experiences. It showed me how small is the world, and how able is everyone of us to do what we want. Or at least, almost that you want. It brought me really good moments, memories and international friends for whole life. Also I improved with my language skills, and I like them more!

Would you do it again?

With any doubt! Something else to say? Erasmus brought me ESN lifestyle. Still engached!