Branislav, Martin (Slovakia) - Erasmus in Spring 2014

What is your field of study?

I am at Master in Regional Development now, also during and before my Erasmus :)

Why did you choose Tallinn?

Well, after the first round of the Erasmus selection process at my home university I was supposed to go to Istanbul. But actually the choice of subjects at that university was not good for me and anyway I personally prefer smaller cities to live in

Then the second round of Erasmus nomination came and TUT appeared there as a new university. So I was supposed to be the very first student from my home university to check it out up there in Estonia. The choice of subjects was way better than the first offer and to go to Tallinn? Eh? Where? But I said to myslef "why not?!" .... I gave it a try and it worked out well :)

I knew that Tallinn existed and also I knew that there is Estonia, since I had visited Vilnius couple of years before my Erasmus. But actually I was surprised with many many facts about Estonia then when I started to "collect" some information on Wikipedia ... I was particularly surprised with the number of inhabitants and then with number of Estonian islands (I still don't get it where all of them actually are, haha). 

What was your favourite event or trip?

Probably the trip to Lapland was my favourite one along with International Dinner. However it's hard to say since ESN was taking care of us not to get bored for whole semester and the amount of events and trips was endless :) Thanks ESN :)

What was your most memorable souvenir during that semester?

Our hitchhiking trip to Pärnu on Jaanipäev! It was really an adventure... we decided to go to Pärnu for Jaanipäev, yes to the Estonian capital of summer! :) We made a little competition in between teams, who would come to Pärnu as the first one. However on that day it was raining cats and dogs and since we made a huge hitchhiking beginner mistake and we were two boys in the team, nobody really wanted to take us. Finally after couple of hours of nearly "begging and praying" to drivers one very nice Estonian couple stopped us and took us all the way down to our dream Pärnu. They were really nice and friendly and also gave us some advice where to go there :) After that we enjoyed cold and rainy Estonian capital of summer all night long until we catched the first morning bus back to Tallinn :) Unforgettable!

Where are you today? What do you do?

After my Erasmus in Estonia I returned to Czech Republic to finish my studies where I am still at the moment. 

Beside my studies I have a part-time job so there is not that much time left to do other stuff at the moment. Once I finish my studies I would like to find a job abroad, I am also thinking about doing Erasmus work placement.  

What Erasmus brought you?

That semester in Tallinn gave me a lot ... new friends, new experiences, new places visited, new cultures discovered ... It might sound like a cliché, but It simply gave me many great moments and memories I will remember forever!

Would you do it again?

Definitely! The Erasmus stay has changed myself quite much. It has taught me to work in team with people of different cultural backgrounds from all over the world, to understand different attitude to education and to way of studying. It has also made me way more capable to understand different people of different cultures.