International students in TUT

Every year TUT receives more and more international students, about 600 are expected to arrive for the Autumn semester 2015. Some of them come for a semester or two with the Erasmus project, others do their full degree.

ESN TUT International Club’s (IC) mission is to integrate incoming foreign students into TUT and the Estonian lifestyle. We do this with the buddy system (how to get your buddy?) and with programing many unique activities for them. IC helps all international students that register for a buddy and will keep entertainned everybody who shows up at our events!

In the beginning of each semester members choose their students based on whether they wish to learn a specific language, find new friends, love etc. Therefore, new members are always welcome in our family.

In addition, we organize many events during the semester to make our time in TUT the BEST ever!

Starting Autumn 2015 ESN TUT IC will seperate normal buddies from ESN members, depending on the tasks to be done and time to be spend for our International Students.

Be a buddy...

As a buddy your task will be to get in contact with your students before they come to Estonia and meet up after arrival. In the following weeks we help our new friends out with everyday issues like nearest shops, transportation system etc. It's really quite simple :)

Have you thought about living or studying abroad yourself? Wouldn’t it be awesome if a local student would help you to get started...

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... or become an ESNer!

Being an ESNers is like feeling part of a large and helpful familly living all over Europe. ESNers are known to be kind and friendly people that won't count their time to help others. As a ESN members in ESN TUT IC your dudies will be a little higher that what we ask from a buddy, but you will get several benefit from this :)

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What ESN TUT IC can bring to you?

Generaly speaking being involve in TUT international life and becoming friends with foreign people will bring you many things :)

  1. Helping foreign students
  2. Learn any language for FREE
  3. Accommodation when travelling
  4. Participation in European projects
  5. New skills – team work, time planning, problem solving etc.
  6. To belong to a great group of friendly and supportive members
  7. Have loads of FUN!

How to apply?

In order to become a member you just need to fill an online application form and you will be contacted shortly.

Welcome to our International Family!!!