Being an ESNers is like feeling part of a large and helpful familly living all over Europe. ESNers are known to be kind and friendly people that won't count their time to help others. As a ESN members in ESN TUT IC your dudies will be a little higher that what we ask from a buddy, but you will get several benefit from it:)


  • do everthing a buddy does
  • have to attend at least 5 meeting during semester
  • Help at one of the main events such as Estonian Evening or International Dinner


  • can declare tutoring as a subject (4EAP)*
  • can organize events and get free entry for it
  • can attend motivation events!
  • can have a discount on purshaing the ESNcard
  • can order ESN gadgets
  • can attend workshops and trainings organized by ESN international

* in order to declare tutoring as a subject you will need to fullfil some tasks, get in touch with our board to know more about them :)

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