As a buddy your task will be to get in contact with your students before they come to Estonia and meet up after arrival. In the following weeks we help our new friends out with everyday issues like nearest shops, transportation system etc. It's really quite simple :) Generaly speakling, the buddy is the first friend of the student who arrived in Tallinn, your will be responsible of the first good impression we can give of Estonia :)

Have you thought about living or studying abroad yourself? Wouldn’t it be awesome if a local student would help you to get started...


Some of the task you will need to fullfil include:

  • get students
  • help out on Orientation Days
  • can help with Estonian evening and get free entrance to it
  • meet you buddy pizza party


As a buddy you will have some advantages, amond them you:

  • can get in touch with ESN
  • can get a discount for buying ESNcard
  • can attend newbie tutorial for new buddies

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