What is ESN?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe, and was founded in 1989 for supporting and developing student exchange.

ESN is present in 460 Higher Education Institutions from 37 counties. The network is constantly developing and expanding. We have around 13.500 active members and it involves around 29.000 young people offering its services to around 180.000 international students every year (more information at www.esn.org).

What is ESN TTÜ IC?

The International Club is a society brought to life the 21st October 2003 by the Student Council of Tallinn University of Technology. It is also a section of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) since 2009 after years of collaboration with ESN Tallinn, an international student organization set up to help exchange students. ESN TTÜ IC is one of the five Estonian ESN sections and from June 2014 the club is led by four members.

Our mission is to help every year hundreds of foreign students (erasmus students and international degree students) to settle into the Estonian lifestyle and make their stay here as pleasant as possible. Every incoming student who registers with us is paired with a personal tutor - or buddy - who will help them with logistical, social and educational issues, gives advice and is a great friend in general.

Throughout the semester we organize several events for all the international students studying at Tallinn University of Technology!

Some of our members of Spring semester 2014

Members during the ESN 25th anniversary celebration in Estonia

ESN TTÜ IC 11th anniversary

Bowling party as motivation event